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NOW.2 Online teachin x CMC0-115.06-145. TEOS X + keAssignment/take AssignmentMain.dolinvoker=&takeAssignmentSession Locator Bonprogress=false @ Por eBook Calculator Calculating the Predetermined Overhead Rate, Applying Overhead to Production At the beginning of the year, Debion Company estimated the following: Overhead $900,100 Direct labor hours 90,000 Debion uses normal costing and applies overhead on the basis of direct labor hours.College Homework Help
For the month of March, direct labor hours were 21,600 Required: 1. Calculate the predetermined overhead rate for Debion. Round your answer to the nearest cent. $ 10.00 per direct labor hour 2. Calculate the overhead applied to production in March. Round your intermediate calculations to two decimal places and round your answer to nearest whole value Check My Work Next > 722 PMGet Accounting Homework Help Today

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Accounting Assignment | College Homework Help
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