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Job-Order Costing Variables On July 1, Job 46 had a beginning balance of $700. During July, prime costs added to the job totaled 5680. Of that amount, direct materials were three times as much as direct labor.College Homework Help The ending balance of the job was $1,500. Required: 1. What was overhead applied to the job during July? 2. What was direct materials for Job 46 for July? Direct labor? If rounding is required, round your answers to the nearest cent. Direct labor Direct materials 3. Assuming that overhead is applied on the basis of dyect labor cost, what is the overhead rate for the company? Round your answer to the nearest whole percent.
CHILUung the predetermined Overhead Rate, Applying Overhead to Production, Reconciling Overhead at the End of the Year, Adjusting Cost of Goods Sold for Under- and Overapplied Overhead At the beginning of the year, Han Company estimated the following: Overhead $240,000 Direct labor hours 80,000 Han uses normal costing and applies overhead on the basis of direct labor hours. For the month of January, direct labor hours were 8,250. By the end of the year, Han showed the following actual amounts:
Overhead $246,000 Direct labor hours 79,600 Assume that unadjusted Cost of Good Sold for Han was $336,000 Required: 1. Calculate the predetermined overhead rate for Han. Round your answers to the nearest cent, if rounding is required. per direct labor hour 2. Calculate the overhead applied to production in January. (Note: Round to the nearest dollar, if rounding is required.) 3. Calculate the total applied overhead for the year. Vas overhead over- or underapplied? By how much? Get Accounting Homework Help Today

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Accounting Assignment | College Homework Help
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