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When considering performance measurement processes, many considerations come to mind (e.g., which measures to include, how to measure them, who should measure them, when to measure them). In the last unit, you began to work on your strategic planning project, and in the second portion that you are working on this week, you will discuss plan stakeholders. Is it appropriate to have those outside of the organization involved in the strategic planning process? If so, does this apply to laypeople from the public?


                                                        CLASSMATE’S POST

It will be essential for us to consider the many stakeholders for our organizations. When working with an organization that has a variety of different stakeholders, there will be many different opinions and viewpoints that need to be considered. When making a strategic plan, one of those viewpoints should come from individuals outside of the organization. As employees within the organization begin to plan for upcoming changes, they may be blinded by only seeing from their perspective, internally within the organization. The strategic plan should be considered from all viewpoints, including externally, in order to make the most effective changes to the organization. Additionally, many organizations serve individuals who are outside the organization. These viewpoints and opinions are critical in organizational performance.

While considering external opinions is an important aspect of strategic planning, I do not believe that organizations should consider all the opinions from laypeople within the public. If an individual does not know about an organization or does not utilize the goods and services offered by the organization, they may not be equipped with enough knowledge to provide constructive feedback to the organization. In reviewing external opinions, it will be essential for organizational leaders to consider which viewpoints to use.

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