A Simple Guide to Writing an MLA Bibliography | Websites that do Your Homework for You

A Simple Guide to Writing an MLA Bibliography | Websites that do Your Homework for You

My Homework Writers is among the many websites that do your homework for you. Besides writing an MLA bibliography, we are also among the best websites that do your homework for you. The only distinction with this website is that it values a student’s academic success. Guided by this, My Homework Writers seeks to deliver to you well-written custom papers, as well as efficient services. When writing an MLA bibliography or any other paper, we ensure it is premium. This factor has made us be globally recognized among the best websites that do your homework for you. My Homework Writers is highly diverse and offers multiple services. These range from writing an MLA bibliography, to other academic papers such as dissertations. Are the websites that do your homework for you incompetent and untimely? Well, let me tell you why you should seek the help of My Homework Writers.assignment help

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A Simple Guide to Writing an MLA Bibliography | Websites that do Your Homework for You
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My Homework Writers Writing Services

My Homework Writers is a writing firm that is made up of qualified and professional writers. Not only are they competent on writing an MLA bibliography, but also in other academic papers. They are experts in writing annotated bibliographies, case studies, reports, essays, research proposals and projects, and even designing PowerPoint presentations. Not only this, but they are also well trained and highly skilled in writing papers in all the existing writing styles. Thus, if your paper is to be structured in APA format, MLA, AMA, Chicago, or Harvard, we have got you covered.


Our Reliability

My Homework Writers also has a very reliable and confident structure it utilizes. Besides not disclosing private information to other irrelevant parties, My Homework Writers also meets deadlines. One thing that annoys most students is having unreliable websites that do your homework for you. Not only does this mean a late submission of the assignment, but it could also lead to deduction of marks. My Homework Writers emphasizes the fact that we value a student’s academic success. Hence, we ensure we meet all the time frames when writing an MLA bibliography. Whether the time frames are short or long, writing an MLA bibliography is often easy for us because we have been doing this for years. The professional experience we have gained over the year has simplified our process of writing an MLA bibliography.


Our Quality

My Homework Writers writing service is also globally recognized for its quality and custom papers. When hiring websites that do your homework for you, it is essential to track the quality in their papers. Some websites that do your homework for you may have a reputation for providing weak papers. However, this is not a brand that My Homework Writers desires. Instead, My Homework Writers believes and is known due to its high standards.

Writing an MLA Bibliography

Quality- Writing an MLA Bibliography



Our academic professional writers synthesize all their content from reputable sources of research. This allows them to compute an original essay or paper that is not the work of another author or writer. More so, My Homework Writers also provides quality papers under minimal timeframes. This is one technique used to recruit our writers. The technique has enabled us to have writers who can work under pressure, yet not jeopardize the paper’s quality.


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All these factors make us stand out from other websites that do your homework for you. Although we are also among websites that do your homework for you, we, however, have unique traits.


Writing an MLA Bibliography

Instructors are highly testing students on their abilities to write an MLA bibliography. Many successful writers disclose that writing an MLA bibliography requires a professional writer who is skilled in using this writing style. Websites that do your homework for you should have such writers. These writers are present in My Homework Writers. For a student to understand the process of writing an MLA bibliography, it is crucial that they under

Writing an MLA Bibliography

Writing an MLA Bibliography

stand what a bibliography is.



Definition of a Bibliography

My Homework Writers define a bibliography as a list of reference materials such as books that the author has used in their research. Although writing an MLA bibliography is termed difficult, it becomes easy once you understand the MLA writing styles. Websites that do you your homework for you should have writers who are highly competent in writing in all the given writing styles. Additionally, writing an MLA bibliography should be an easy task for them. One example of websites that do your homework for you and has such writers is My Homework Writers. The several guidelines according to My Homework Writers that a student should follow when writing an MLA bibliography include;



  • Keep all the sources of information that you used to research and draw your content from


Students tend to ignore writing the reference materials. One thing all websites that do your homework for you can agree on is that is highly risky for your grades.  Instructors most often want to see the background materials you used to generate your ideas. Nevertheless, they require that you have more than three sources in your assignment. Therefore, in case you seek help from websites that do your homework for you always clear about this. Ensure you explain to their writers that you require more than three or at least three sources unless instructed otherwise.


My Homework Writers is among the best websites that do your homework for you. Why? Easy. This is because it has never failed to indicate the sources it used when writing an MLA bibliography, or any other paper. Let My Homework Writers be the first option among your search for websites that do your homework for you.



  • Collect all  the information of that particular source


It is essential to collect the details that pertain to your reference material. These details include the name of the author or authors, the publishing company, publication date, or the title of the material. Other sources may require the URL or DOI, page numbers, Issue number, volume number, or the company that posted the content. Such details are very significant when writing your reference. Lack of these sources will mean lack of works cited page, which ends up too low grades.



  • Write the bibliography in the recommended MLA format


You should structure your bibliography as per the MLA guidelines. Writing an MLA bibliography is quite simple. For those who have no idea on how to go about it, My Homework Writers will help you through this. Besides discussing writing an MLA bibliography, My Homework Writers will also discuss the format of referencing different materials. The goal of My Homework Writers is to ensure that while writing an MLA bibliography, a student is confident enough. Thus, we have compiled only the best and updated formats of referencing multiple types of source materials.



  • Proofread and edit your work


Writing an MLA bibliography is a tedious and time-consuming process. It requires absolute patience and attention of the student. Otherwise, it is very easy to miss including a certain punctuation mark such as a comma. Although this may be seen as just a comma, it plays such a huge role when writing an MLA bibliography. My Homework Writers understands that no individual is perfect.


Errors in Writing

All writers are prone to all types of errors when writing an MLA bibliography. They could either be misspelling, punctuation, or wrong structuring. My Homework Writers believe in editing and proofreading a paper or essay, just after one is done writing. Although most websites that do your homework for you charge you for editing services, this is not the case with us. My Homework Services offers free revisions and editing services for their written papers. Are you looking for genuine websites that do your homework for you? Try My Homework Writers. Our services will swipe you off your feet and keep you coming back for more.


How to Put Work Cited In MLA Format

After a student is done writing their paper, it is mandatory they include the works cited page. This goes to show that this is the work of another author that they have chosen to either paraphrase or quote. Additionally, writing a work cited page helps to avoid plagiarism in their paper. When writing a work cited page, it is crucial to note that the words Works Cited should be centrally aligned. Additionally, it should start on a new page.

Writing an MLA Bibliography

Writing an MLA Bibliography



Note: It should NOT be bolded or italicized.

The Works Cited page includes all the articles, books, journals, blogs, YouTube videos, or any other source you used to generate points for your paper. Additionally, whether you use websites that do your homework for you, you should ensure you double check that they have a Works Cited Page. My Homework Writers have been offering homework services to multiple students all over the globe in writing an MLA bibliography, and also referencing various sources.  My Homework Writers has therefore provided the basic format of how all types of sources should appear in a Works Cited Page. The formats of various sources include;



  • A Book


Most websites that do your homework for you use books as the primary source of their research. However, these websites that do your homework for you might not teach you the format of writing an MLA bibliography such as a book. My Homework Writers is among the websites that do your homework for you and provide services for writing an MLA bibliography.

One Author– Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City of Publication, Publisher, Publication Date.

For example;

Petrosian-Husa, Carmen. Traditional fishing techniques in the Marshall Islands. Republic of the Marshall Islands Historic Preservation Office, 2004.

Two Authors– Author 1 Last Name, First Name and Author 2 Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. City of Publication, Publisher, Year Published.

For example;

Moon, Graham, and Rosemary Gillespie, eds. Society and health: an introduction to social science for health professionals. Psychology Press, 1995.


Three Authors– Author 1 Last Name, First Name, Author 2 Last Name, First Name and Author 3 Last Name,  Book Title: Subtitle. City of Publication, Publisher, Date of Publication.

For example;

Silverstein, A., V. B. Silverstein, and L. S. Nunn. “Cancer: Conquering a Deadly Disease: Twenty.” (2006).

Three or more Authors- First Author’s Surname, First Name, et al. Book Title: Subtitle. City of Publication, Publisher, Date of Publication.

For example;

Vincent, T., et al. “Cancer: principles & practice of oncology: a primer of the molecular biology of cancer.” (2011).


  • The names of the authors are separated by the word and.
  • All titles of the books are italicized or in quotations where the publisher is unknown.



  • Website

    Writing an MLA Bibliography

    Writing an MLA Bibliography


Author’s Name, Editor or the compiler. The Name of the Site. Version Number, The Name of the Organization or institution associated with the site (This is the sponsor or the publisher), Date when the material was created, URL, DOI or the permalink. Date accessed (If applicable).

For example;

Bernstein, Mark. “10 Tips on Writing the Living Web.” A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites, 16 Aug. 2002, https://alistapart.com/article/writeliving. Accessed 10 June 2006.



  • Journal article


Author of the article, Given Names. “Title of the article.” Title of the Journal, Volume. Issue ( Year Published): Page(s).

For example:

Berger, Bruce K. “Power over, power with, and power to relations: Critical reflections on public relations, the dominant coalition, and activism.” Journal of Public Relations Research 17.1 (2005): 5-28.



  • An Article in the Newspaper


Name of the Author(s). “Title of the Article.” Title of the Newspaper, Day Month Year, pages.

For example:

Schmitt Eric and Fandos Nicholas. “Saudi prince ‘complicit’ in Khashoggi’s murder, senators say after C.I.A briefing” The New York Times, 4 Dec 2018, p. A1.



  • An article in a Magazine


The Name of the Author(s). “Title of the Article.” Title of the Periodical, Day Month Year, pages. URL or DOI (If applicable).

For example;

Kuttner, Robert and James Cain. “The Great American Pension-Fund Robbery: Reasons Why Pensions Are Underfunded.” BusinessWeek, no. 3848, 2003, pp. 24–26. www.businessweek.com.



  • A reviewarticle review


The Reviewer’s Last Name, First Name. “Review Title (if there is one).” Review of Title of Book Being Reviewed, by Book Author’s First and Surname. Publication in which Review Appears, Day Month Year, URL, permalink, or do. Day Month Year the review was accessed.

For Example:

Bethune, Brian. “Geology Professor Salomon Kroonenberg Explains ‘Why

Hell Stinks of Sulfur’.” Review of Why Hell Stinks of Sulfur: Mythology and Geology of the Underworld, by Salomon Kroonenberg. Maclean’s, 14 June 2014, www.macleans.ca/culture/books/why-hell-stinks-of-sulfur-mythology-and-geology-of-the-underworld/. Accessed 25 Oct. 2016.



  • TV Series


“Episode Title”. Program Title, created by Creator Name, contributors, season #, episode #. Network, Year of Publication.

For example:

“Fly.” Breaking Bad, written by Sam Catlin and Moira Walley-Beckett, directed by Rian Johnson, season 3, episode 10, AMC, 2010.



  • E-book


Last name, first name. Title. Title of container, Contributors, edition, e-book, Number, Publisher, Year of publication.

For example:

Troy, Ben N., et al. A Guide to Citation. 2nd ed, e-book, New York Publishers, 2010.



  • A YouTube video

    Writing an MLA Bibliography

    Writing an MLA Bibliography


The Author or authors Last Name, First Name. “Title of Video.” Title of Web Site, Publication Date, URL.

For example:

sayerb123. “Husky Puppy Talking Saying ‘I Love You’.” YouTube, 30 Dec. 2009, youtu.be/N_Qqs0Qw5CE.


How to do Annotated Bibliography MLA

Besides writing an MLA bibliography, a student ought to know how to annotated bibliography MLA. It is similar to writing an MLA bibliography. My Homework Writers has the ideal format of how to go about it. An annotated bibliography is made up of two sections. The first section is the reference and the second one is the annotations.


Writing the Reference

When writing a reference, it is crucial to ensure that you follow the required writing style. In our case, MLA is our chosen writing style. Thus, the first step one should take is to identify the type of source material. It could be a book, video, painting, or a journal article. After identifying the type of material it is, one should proceed to research on the recommended reference format. My Homework Writers has provided all the formats of all the source materials one can use in their papers. For this particular reason, if you are having troubles with your formats, simply log in to My Homework Writers website. They are among the many websites that do your homework for you that are glad to assist in this sector. Having written the reference correctly, one may proceed to write the annotations.


Writing the Annotation

The annotation is simply a brief yet accurate paragraph about the summary of that identified source material. It should be made up of approximately 150 words. Websites that do your homework for you may tend to lengthen this sector. However, research conducted by My Homework Writers suggests that it should be concise and well researched. An annotation contains the main ideas that the author of the source material is communicating to the audience. It is often the trickiest yet easy part when writing the annotated bibliography. Tricky in that most students fail to identify the central message the author tries to convey. On the other hand, it can also be an easy task. This is only the case when the reference or content is well understood. If this is the case, the writing process becomes very easy and straightforward.

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