A Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges

A Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges

It is normal for individuals to face various challenges in their lifetime. Challenges are present in the families, the workplaces, and in other organizations. Additionally, the type of challenge one faces can be controllable or not. Whichever the challenge one faces, it is important to note that one can overcome it.  Most individuals are lacking help on how to deal with their challenges and resulting in suicide.

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A Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges
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Thus, suicide rates are continuing to grow day by day. Due to this particular reason, multiple writers are writing a persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. In addition to that, students are also being issued with assignments of a persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. Therefore, My Homework Writers will give a guide on how to write a brilliant persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. We have the best online essay writers who make this process very easy to understand and apply.

Definition of a Persuasive Essay

persuasive essay about overcoming challenges

Before writing a persuasive essay about overcoming challenges, it’s important to know the definition of a persuasive essay. Most students tend to confuse a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay. However, a persuasive essay is a piece of writing that uses concrete evidence and points to convince a reader to believe the writer’s points of view or opinion. In persuasive essay writing, the goal is to utilize the logic and evidence to show that one idea is more legitimate than the other idea. The purpose of a persuasive piece of writing is to persuade a reader to adopt a certain point of view or by taking a particular action. The argument must always use sound reasoning and solid evidence. Therefore, it’s critical to use evidence that states facts, gives logic reasons, and uses clear and accurate examples. My Homework Writers has online essay writers who can you with your persuasive essay.

A Step By Step Guide On How to Write a Persuasive Essay about Over Coming Challenges

A persuasive essay about overcoming challenges is very easy to write. After all, the goal is to convince the audience that the challenges they face can be overcome. However, the structure and format of a persuasive essay about overcoming challenges tends to confuse most students. As a result, they turn to online essay writers for help on how to write a persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. My Homework Writers will, therefore, provide you with a step by step guide on how to write a persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. These steps include:

Step 1: Researching On the Topic

Researching on the topic is very important because it will help you determine what the topic requires of you. In addition to that, it helps a student determine the format of how to address the question. One may identify that the topic requires to be discussed in various sub-sections. More so, one may also discover if you need to provide the background information of your topic. Thus, there are very many elements you can acquire simply by researching on the topic. Most students make the mistake of assuming theta they know what the topic encompasses just by looking at it. However, this is wrong. Lac of research will make you lack accurate evidence and content to use to persuade your audience in the persuasive essay about overcoming challenges.

Step 2: Researching On the Audience

persuasive essay about overcoming challenges

It is very important to identify who your target reader is. This will help you identify what challenges are common to them. In addition to that, you will get to know why they hold certain beliefs about the subject of interest. For instance, if your audience is the students, you may get to identify why time management is a challenge to them. Additionally, you will get to know why some of them may not believe that creating a time plan may not help them overcome this challenge. Such information is very crucial because it will help you to come up with concrete evidence that a time plan can work. More so, it can help you identify others ways to overcome their challenges. Whatever challenge one chooses, the research on the audience will help in determining the appropriate approach of discussing it.

Step 3: Writing the Introduction of Your Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges

The introduction of your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges must be juicy. This is in order to make the reader glued to the next sentence of your essay. To achieve this, first ensure that you captivate them to your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. This is by using a hook sentence. In most cases, students tend to define the topic. Although this is not bad, it’s cliché. Try using statistics, puns, jokes, and anecdotes about the challenges people face in life. However, ensure that you use appropriate hook sentences. Additionally, also ensure that your audience is comfortable with the hook sentences you use. You don’t want your audience having a bad impression just by having a look at your introduction. Besides that, ensure you write a thesis statement. Since your essay is focusing on overcoming challenges, your thesis should also entail overcoming challenges to the target group you are addressing.

Step 4: Writing the Body of your Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges

The body of your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges carries the discussions. Although the majority of the students are familiar with how to structure their body into paragraphs, they are however not aware of what each paragraph should contain. Hence, they tend to seek the help of online essay writers on how to write the body of a persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. It is actually pretty easy. First and foremost, a student is required to develop a topic sentence. This is the main point that each paragraph will address. It should be a sentence or two. After that, a student must then provide the supporting details. This is evidence that the student acquired from their research regarding how an individual can overcome challenges. It’s advisable to provide specific ways of overcoming challenges to specific challenges that an individual can face. This will make the reader more convinced in your opinions.

Step 5: Writing the Conclusion of Your Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges

persuasive essay about overcoming challenges

The conclusion is a very significant section in the persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. A good conclusion will help the reader make the decision of either swaying against your ideas and opinions, or supporting them. Thus, in order to make the reader believe your opinions and convince them enough ensure you restate your thesis statement. In addition to that, make sure you summarize the main points on how to overcome challenges in the conclusion.

Summarizing the main points will help the audience take a step back and analyze how well you have crafted and explained your ideas. If they find them effective, they will believe your opinions. Therefore, in order to make this happen, try asking yourself these questions as you write your conclusion: Have I effectively supported my points? Are there any missing gaps in the information I have provided? Is the information accurate and convincing enough?

Step 6: Proofread Your Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges

After you are done writing your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges, give yourself a day or two before you go through it. This break allows you to cool your thoughts and have afresh mind as you proof read your work. Moreover, it enables you to easily spot mistakes in your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. Look at the spelling, the transitioning, the flow, and the grammar as you proofread your work.

This will help you identify existing errors in your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. If you doubt your editing skills, it is essential that you seek the help of others. You could ask a family member, a friend, your tutor, or even online essay writers to edit your work for you. Whatever mistakes you identify in your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges, make sure you correct them before you submit the work.

Example of Challenges in a Student’s Life

`Throughout a person’s life, they are faced with different challenges and obstacles. Challenges are especially many for students. Therefore, My Homework Writers will look up for some of the challenges that students can face. These challenges include:

  • Time Management

Most students do not know how to manage their time. Besides that, allocating time for different activities is a tricky process for students. Therefore, it is no surprise to find students searching for online essay writers in case they have not completed their assignments. In addition to that, time management challenges have made most students rely on online essay writers for their homework solutions. This is because students lack the time to focus on their assignments and studies. Although relying on online help is not a bad thing, it could make students miss out on attaining various essential skills. These include research skills, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills.

  • Relationship Issues

Relationship issues are major challenges that new students face in their new schools. Additionally, old student also face relationship issues in case they are introverts. This goes to mean that they often face difficulties especially when they have group assignments. In such a case, they tend to ask professors to give them personal assignments. If this is not possible, they tend to contribute less to the group. In most cases, majority of students have been known to trust online essay writers more than their group colleagues. This damages their relationships. Besides that, students may also be having relationships issues especially if they are being bullied. Bullying is intolerable in most students. Despite being illegal in most schools, bullying is also one major challenge that students in most schools in the world complain about.

  • Preparing For Exams

Examination phobia is common to most students. However, the level of anxiety defers from student to student. Preparing for exam is no easy task. It requires a student to have thoroughly researched on their topic.  Moreover, it also requires them to be knowledgeable of the content they were taught in their coursework. Preparing for exams is one challenge that students face due to various distractions. Despite distractions, students may also encounter challenges when preparing for their exams in case they lack the preparation skills. Lack of good skills on how to prepare for the exams could make one tense and encounter so many difficulties.

How to Overcome These Challenges

It is a big struggle trying to look for help on how to overcome challenges. Whether the challenge is personal or academic, a student is urged to always seek help from professionals. This is because failure to seek help may drain their performance and make them to scoop lower grades. Challenges in life are meant to make you stronger. Additionally, they are there to shape your life and act as a lesson for you to improve a certain element of yourself. Here are some of the ways of how to overcome the challenges discussed above:persuasive essay about overcoming challenges

  • Create a Time Schedule

Balancing your time well can be a big deal in helping students overcome the challenge of time management. More often students are tempted to spend most of their time building their social relationships. Consequently, they tend to lose insight on their school work and therefore perform poorly. It is therefore important for a student to create a time schedule. This schedule dictates when a student should study, do house chores, and hang out with friends. Even the best online essay writers work on a schedule. They plan on how to handle various aspects of their life. Therefore, a student must also utilize the tie schedule. This time plan will help in ensuring that you finish your assignment in time and also have time to hang out with your pals.

  • Have a Positive Attitude

In most cases, introverts tend to keep to themselves for the fear of disappointments or hurt from the social relationships they make. Hurt can arise from being bullied or threatened in school. If this was the case, it always advisable to open up to a guidance counselor or an adult you are comfortable opening up to. Besides that, a student is urged to be optimistic about working in groups. A negative mind and thinking will only make you lose out on the information you may acquire during the study groups. Instead of worrying about the negativity, focus on the things that can make you achieve your dreams in life.

  • Get Rid Of Distractions

The truth of the matter is that students have a lot of time to prepare for the examinations. However, they tend to ignore the most important things in your schedule such as doing school work or studying. As a result, they opt to do more fun stuff. Ultimately, when the exams approach, they tend to cram the content. In most cases, students have been known to seek the help of online essay writers in such instances. However, the cat of focusing on the irrelevant stuff is avoidable.

All you have to do is to get rid of distractions that deter you from concentrating on preparing for your exams. These destructions could be mobile phones, friends, laptops, movies and social media accounts. By getting rid of the distractions, we do not mean you do away with them. Instead, we recommend that you put them away for the period of time that you have allocated as your study hour.

Acquire Help on Your Persuasive Essay about Overcoming Challenges

My Homework Writers understand that not all students have the skills, time, dedication, and passion to write a convincing persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. Therefore we have hired only the best and most qualified online essay writers to help you with your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. They have been writing persuasive essay for years. Thus, they have some persuasion skills that are capable of impressing even the most critic professor. Additionally, they know how to produce original and premium content. All you have to do is give us the instructions of your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. We guarantee you a high-quality and non-plagiarized persuasive paper about overcoming challenges. It will meet all your expectations and also meet the deadline that you will provide. Thus, do not hesitate to acquire online help from our online essay writers. They are among the highly ranked online essay writers in the world.

Is your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges giving you migraines? More so, is it a challenge in itself? Allow our online essay writers to help you with that. My Homework Writers is made up of online essay writers who have specialized in persuasive writing. Thus, they can quickly deliver a high custom and original persuasive essay about overcoming challenges. All you have to do is click on the order button to get our online essay writers to work on your persuasive essay about overcoming challenges immediately!

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