A Look at Academic Doping and Academic Cheating

A Look at Academic Doping and Academic Cheating

Academic doping and cheating are several concepts that are making headlines today. Students are widely indulging in these practices. However, when they are caught, they argue they did not know it was an act of academic doping or cheating. Thus, My Homework Writers will exhaustively explain these two concepts.

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A Look at Academic Doping and Academic Cheating
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Academic Doping

When most people hear of the term ‘doping’, the first thing that comes to their mind is doping in athletics. Well, athletic doping is pretty common. However, over the years, students have also adopted this practice in the academic field. Academic doping refers to the use of drugs by students in order to acquire academic performance enhancement. The drugs students used are referred to as “smart drugs”.

They tend to be stimulants and other cognitive–enhancing drugs. Most students tend to abuse prescription drugs. Most prescription drugs that act as stimulants are used by students to enhance their academic performance. Thus, they pretend to be sick in order for the physician to write them the prescription drugs. However, their intention is to abuse drugs for their educational success. Academic doping is wrong and any student caught is prone to punishment according to the existing country’s laws on doping.

academic doping

The Reasons Why Students Enter Into Academic Doping

In the world today, most parents believe that kids who are not education smart cannot make it in life. Therefore, students tend to have tremendous pressure to deliver good results. This pressure is one reason why most students turn into academic doping. They do not want to embarrass their parents or to make themselves look unworthy before the eyes of their parents. Secondly, most students think it is an easy way to attain academic success without having to struggle.

The thought of spending hours reading through notes in order to pass tests demoralizes most students. Thus, when they find a way out of this, they tend to take it. Using smart drugs is one-way students as a short cut to acquiring academic success. Another reason why students enter into academic doping is just the desire to experiment. They often want to test the effectiveness of smart drugs.

Prevalence of Academic Doping

Most parents and teachers think that doping is a thing of the past. In fact, most students are not even familiar with such a term. They only hear and see incidences of doping in athletics in case they make the headlines. However, surveys reveal that academic doping is on the rise comparing to previous years. One reason that is making the prevalence of academic doping increase is the fact that most parents are delivering students to deliver. Increased pressure makes students to search for alternatives that can make them deliver. This one reason is estimated to result to at least a hundred new cases of academic doping in the United States alone. Imagine now the number of new cases of academic doping in all countries in the world. This number is absolutely high. Academic doping is also on the rise thanks to the few job opportunities available in the market.

The Myth about Academic Doping

There is a widespread perception that most people indulging in academic doping acquire academic performance enhancement.  The assumption is that when you use smart drugs, the brain automatically increases its ability to deliver quality results. However, My Homework Writers is here to deliver the news that this is just a myth. The so-called smart drugs do absolutely nothing to increase your education performance.

In fact, instead of enhancing your performance, most of these drugs tend to diminish it. This is due to the fact that these drugs have dire side effects. To begin with, most students forget to analyze the side effects of the drugs before using them. Consequently, most of them tend to confuse the side effects of the results. Hence, if you are thinking of indulging in academic doping, think again. This is not the best way to take if you want to enhance your academic performance.

Realities of the Use of the Smart Drugs

It is the basic expectation of the student that the uses of these smart drugs will increase their thinking capacity, make them alert, and increase their knowledge. Most users believe that smart drugs have been working for them. However, the fact of the matter is that these drugs do absolutely nothing to make them education geniuses. Instead, they tend to negatively impact their health if they re excessively consumed.

academic dopingSmart drugs do not make a student acquire any academic gains. In fact, most researchers have carried out thousands of experiments and have come up with the conclusion that smart drugs do not result in academic performance enhancement. Thus, there is little information and facts to prove that academic doping results in education success. Therefore, do not fall victim to academic doping. Instead of delivering substantial academic results, it only alters the normal functioning of the body.

Is Academic Doping Right?

“Is academic doping right?” This is among the most asked questions on the internet today. Although most students may perceive academic doping as a savior, well, it is not. Academic doping does nothing in building and increasing your academic performance. Instead of developing your performance, it deteriorates it. Similarly, it tends to negatively affect your health. Thus, academic doping is not helpful. Besides that, most countries have strict punishment laws against individuals who are caught participating in academic doping.

A few students have been sent to juvenile due to cases of academic doping. On the other hand, those who are not minors have been sent to jail. Contrary to the opinions of most students, academic doping is not punishable by less strict punishments such as collecting litter. Hence, next time you are thinking of academic doping, think of the possible jail term you could be facing.

Academic Cheating

Now, probably every education department in all countries faces multiple challenges when trying to fight cheating in academics. Academic cheating is very prevalent in most schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. It is not a new trend in town.  In fact, it has existed for quite a long time. In the past, students were known to scribble down some notes and sneak them in the exam rooms. This is an example of academic cheating.academic doping

It is seen as a great method of improving the students’ grades and passing complex modules. Since a couple of students have participated in some modes of academic cheating and have either passed their assignments or modules, academic cheating is highly embraced by students from all over the world. My Homework Writers will discuss the academic cheating in-depth to help you understand it comprehensively.

Definition of Academic Cheating

Although the majority of the students know the various behaviors that can be termed as academic cheating, not all of them know the definition of academic cheating. It is the act of giving, taking, or receiving any information that can make one attain academic credit. This information could be passed in various ways.

However, this act of attaining that information that one believes can make them attain academic success is what is referred to as academic cheating. It can happen when the students are writing their assignments, before, and during the time they are doing a test. Academic cheating has been on the rise over the years. The one major contributor for this is the pressure that most students have. Parents are pressuring their students to show the worth of their fees. Due to this extreme pressure, most of them cheat in their education.

Types of Academic Cheating

There’re various types of academic cheating that a student can indulge themselves in. One example of academic cheating is academic doping. This is the act of using certain drugs in the hope of attaining quality results. Secondly, the other type is bribery. This refers to a case where a student pays a certain amount of money to their professor in order to either score their tests higher or to give them answers to a test before they even sit for it. The other type is a conspiracy. Conspiracy refers to the act of working in a team with the goal of either stealing the questions of a test, the answers, or arranging themselves strategically in order to copy from each other during the test. Misinterpretation is another type of academic cheating. It refers to deceiving behaviors that make the instructor reveal answers to a test.

Is Plagiarism an Act of Academic Cheating?

“Is plagiarism an act of academic cheating?” This is one question that has left the internet buzzing with multiple opinions of students. It is important to get the answer to this question so as to stop the plagiarism cases. Plagiarism refers to the act of copying the work of another, or using the author’s ideas to base your points, then not giving credit to the author.academic doping

Giving credit to the author refers to the use of in-text citations. In-text citations reveal that the work you have either quoted or paraphrased is not your original idea. Instead, the ideas belong to the author that you have cited in the citations and references. Failure to use in-text citations and references results to plagiarism. Plagiarism is an act of academic cheating. The only thing that makes most people not view it as academic cheating is because this act appears to be less obvious.

To What Extent Does Academic Cheating Occur?

The fact of the matter is that academic cheating occurs in institutions in all countries in the world. Surveys from multiple institutions in the United States revealed that the amount of cheating happening in schools is on the rise. It is widely practiced in most schools and in various ways. The most common methods students are using to cheat is sneaking short notes to their exam rooms, bribing the instructors, conspiracy amongst team members, theft of lecture notes, exam papers, and mark sheets. All these methods of cheating are making students indulge in it day in, day out. In addition to that, the fact that most students who practice cheating pass their grades is also contributing to the high numbers of academic cheating. Thus, academic cheating occurs on a wide scale that even the instructors are not aware of.

The Causes of Academic Cheating

Before criticizing or supporting academic cheating, it’s crucial to understand the underlying causes of academic cheating. Extreme pressure from family members is one cause of cheating amongst most students. Students especially who come from well off countries are often forced to deliver high grades by their family members. However, the fact of the matter is that not all family members can be geniuses. Thus, they result in cheating. Another reason for cheating is peer influence.

Students especially who use the conspiracy method are often tricked into indulging in cheating. High grades are also another cause. Since students who cheat pass in their modules, those who do not pass are often encouraged to divert their focus into cheating. Similarly, complex courses also make students result in cheating. When students do not understand various concepts, they eventually turn to academic cheating.

Effects of Academic Cheating

Although most students might look at simple acts of academic cheating as acts of kindness, well the disciplinary action may not. Take an example where the reason one scribbles down the answers for a friend who was sick and did not have time to study. The fact of the matter is, this is an act of academic cheating. The effects of academic cheating are very dire. First and foremost, a student’s grades can be canceled.

What is more hurtful than to see your grades being canceled? Alternatively, a student caught participating in acts of academic cheating can be expelled from the institution. Expelling a student may make them graduate in later years than their colleagues. In worst cases, the student may be banished from the school. Banishment is very bad because it limits future opportunities for a student such as acquiring sponsorship either in one’s studies or athletic skills.

academic doping

Fighting Academic Cheating and Academic Doping

According to My Homework Writers, there are various ways that can be used in fighting academic cheating and academic doping. All these measures call for individual and mass action. These measures include:

Creating Awareness

There is a saying that ignorance is no defense. Most students who are caught practicing academic doping or cheating often claim they were not aware. Although most students always know what behaviors they are practicing, they tend to say so as a means of escaping the punishments. Thus, in order to discourage students from practicing academic doping, it is crucial to shedding some light to them on the actual realities of actual doping. In addition to that, teaching them about cheating and the various disciplinary actions that can be taken after one is caught can also discourage students from practicing these vices. Additionally, it can help the instructors to take effective action if one is caught since they were already aware of the consequences.

Advocate for Professionalism and Communicate the Policies

Although it is healthy having a close relationship with the professors, institutions should establish boundaries of what level of relationships they should have. Believe or not but these relationships can help avoid academic doping and academic cheating. Students are less likely to offer professors bribes if they knew their fate. Similarly, professors are less likely to take the bribes if they knew that their careers were at stake.

Teaching Students on Plagiarism

Despite not being a common act of academic cheating compared to cases such as academic doping, plagiarism is still academic cheating. It is very important for instructors to teach students on the concept of plagiarism. Alternatively, the lecturers should also teach them how to effectively write and cite in various writing styles. This will help eliminate or reduce the cases of plagiarism from students who did not know how to accurately cite.  Thus, before giving students assignments, instructors must teach them to give credit to the work of other people. Similarly, a student must also buy assignments from writing services that do not offer papers with plagiarism.

Re-Structuring of the Exam Room

In most cases, students arrange themselves in the exam room. As they do so, they strategically put themselves in corners where they can Google the answers, or in teams which they can discuss the answers to the questions. Thus, instructors are urged to take control of the exam room. It is always advisable as an instructor to arrange the sitting positions just minutes before they sit for their exam. This control by the instructor is a weakness in the students that gives them little room to commit academic doping or academic cheating.

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