A Guide on How to Write a Purpose Statement

The purpose statement should generally be the first item that your audience reads in a report, a proposal, or any other business that you create. The viewer should neither be required to search for the purpose statement nor should they be required to struggle or even try to understand a poorly written statement. Read this guide on how to write a purpose statement.

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A Guide on How to Write a Purpose Statement
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A purpose statement also a statement of purpose, puts the mission, the goal, and the direction of the paper/report. It tells the reader/audience what to expect in a paper/report and what the primary focus is.

What Makes A Good Purpose Statement?

A purpose statement is an asserting sentence that summarizes the particular goals and topic of a document., and it is in the introduction that we write the purpose statement to give the reader a precise and objective understanding of what is in the report and what they stand to gain from reading it

How Do You Write A Powerful Statement?

A compelling purpose statement should have the following features to be impelling;

  • Goal-oriented – the report should be made to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Brief –ensure the statement of purpose is one or even two sentences
  • Specific and skillful–avoid broad, general, or obscure statements.
  • Distinct – not confusing or ambiguous.

How Do You Start A Purpose Statement?

Some examples of a useful purpose statement introductory phrases include;

  • “This paper will discuss …”
  • “The purpose of this document is to…”
  • “My reason for writing is to…”
  • “In this paper, I will explain the…”
  • “The purpose of this document is twofold: … and …”

Samples of Structured Introductory Expression.

  • “This report will explain how administrators can use five strategies of planning to improve employee productivity in the workplace” – this introduction is particularabout what is in the report, planningstrategies, andthe outcome, that is, how to improve employee productivity.
  • “This document will describe the four regular causes of employee conflict in the organization and explain how to use the six-step procedures to manage this conflict” – the paper is particular about the features of conflict will be discussed. Very clear on how much information will be provided and clear on what the reader will learn.
  • “My reason for writing is to describe the main causes of traffic congestion in Nairobi” –specific about the focus of the traffic congestion, Thai is in Nairobi.

Purpose Statement Format

How to write a purpose statement can prove to be the main challenge since it should be exact and competitive.

Purpose Statement Format

A purpose statement, also known as the statement of purpose, when applying for graduate schools, is an essay that tells the admission committee who you are, the reason for application, why you are the candidate of choice, and your plans. Its sometimes called an application easy, objectives for graduate study, personal background, or SOP letter.

Writing tips are;

  • Keep a confident and positive tone
  • Use formal language
  • Avoid repetitive language and be original
  • Use clear, concise and robust writing
  • Avoid spelling or grammatical error

Company Purpose Statement Examples

A company’s purpose statement is a bold affirmative reason for being in the business. The company’s purpose is the force that enables an entity to define its brand and create its tailor-made culture.

Below are the critical elements of a persuasive and successful company purpose statement;

  1. Instructive – the purpose statement must give insight on how to develop progress towards the entity’s goals.
  2. Unattainable – since a business is a going concern, the purpose statement should be something to aspire to throughout the business life.
  3. Multilevel –the purpose statement must work on a universal level. It has to relate to everyday concerns.
  4. Relevant –your purpose statement must be significant to your employees, customers, and the services or the products.
  5. Timeless –your purpose statement must look at all the time frames, backward and forward, to make the business relevant in the future by building on your strengths.

Importance of Company Purpose Statement

  • Keep the business relevant
  • Attract top talent
  • Improve organizational culture and alignment
  • Improve return on investment on the current tactics and resources
  • Also improve your differentiation and message
  • Lead with purpose
  • Make a difference in the world
  • Live a more meaningful work life.

Vision Statement

If everything goes right with the business, it is how your entity will impact the world. We call it the DREAMING section. Your vision statement should be compelling, significant, and exciting.

Examples of world’s best vision statements are;


Our vision is to be earth’s most customer-centric company, to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.


Our vision is a world in which all people’s basic needs — such as shelter, clean water, sanitation, food, and reliable power — are fulfilled in an environmentally sustainable way and a company that improves the quality of the environment and the communities where we live and work.


People working together as a lean, global enterprise to make people’s lives better through automotive and mobility leadership


To make the world Inbound. We want to transform how organizations attract, engage, and delight their customers.


Empower people through great software anytime, anyplace, and on any device.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is s summary f the values of your organization. You call it the DOING SECTION-it describes how you act as you serve. Your mission statement proclaims who you serve, what you serve, and how you do it daily.


It is the Mission of Advance Auto Parts to provide personal vehicle owners and enthusiasts with the vehicle-related products and knowledge that fulfill their wants and needs at the right price. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff will help inspire, educate, and problem-solve for our customers.


Our mission is to enable economic growth through infrastructure and energy development, and to provide solutions that support communities and protect the planet.


We help you simplify your IT environment so that you can free up money, time, and resources to invest in innovation. We do this by providing a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services, and engineered systems.


To inspire and nurture the human spirit — one person, one cup, and one neighbourhood at a time.

Project Purpose Statement Examples

Below is how to write the purpose of the study in a research proposal.

It is essential to give an early definition of the project purpose since short descriptions will almost result in an unfortunate result. The exact meaning of the project’s objective is precisely vital since the next significant activity is the gathering of the critical requirements. The extent to which you define the project purpose statement is at the transition from the business case into an established project is a crucial issue. If too detailed, we may exclude the engineering options, whereas if too general, engineering may go for options at odds with the project patron’s targets.

Since you don’t randomly gather the project requirements, the requirements engineers conduct a requirements analysis involving decomposing a customer need statement through a systematic exposition of what the system requires to do to meet the demands.

Conduct a decomposition of the high-level requirements further into several hierarchically structured lower-level functions,through a requirements analysis, you regroup them and grouping process, into a system-level description of the project end product.

A hierarchical description of a system is essential as it supports requirements traceability, a necessary element of effective project management.

The purpose statement performs an essential role, as its contents must be sufficient to start the project. It provides the base statement from which you draw the high-level requirements.

Therefore, the purpose statement must be a complete description of the project and contain information pointing to each aspect of the project.

While planning of the scope happens after the written document is signed, the purpose statement in the written material is the fundamental basis upon which you develop that scope.

Project Name or Title

The project purpose statement is subordinate to the project title or name. The few words contained in the title can sometimes be the only way of communication to many stakeholders.

The project name is the first piece of information available to all who have contact with the project. Consequently,the project name can, in a way, influence its results and the behavior of the people involved.

For project scope management, the project title is the critical start point. Changing the words in the project title will have a significant impact on the implications the heading gives to the owners, as well as the requirements derived from the title.

Characteristics of Project Purpose Statement

The requirements should be unique, singular, correct, and independent of the implementation method, and one should be able to verify it.

  1. Verifiable – the project should be verified even at the highest point of abstraction of the project purpose statement. At this point, one should be able to test the tests or the particular test that will help to verify the project’s purpose statement.
  2. Justifiable–it is good that every requirement has support to justify its need since the project purpose statement requires a project-level rationale.
  3. Independent of any implementation -the project purpose statement should be solution separate.
  4. Feasible–in the judgment of the stakeholders, the project purpose statement must be workable.
  5. Unambiguous – all the stakeholders must share in the understanding of the project purpose statement.
  6. Should be correct – the project purpose statement must contain only the elements associated with the project.
  7. Complete–it is from the project purpose statement that the whole project is derived. Therefore, it should be perfect.
  8. Singular – each project must have its unique purpose statement.
  9. Unique–the project purpose statement must show the specific project using terms that ensure the coverage of the project scope.
  10. Necessary or essential–from the project purpose statement, it should tell that the project is required, i.e., the project should not already exist in any form.

Project Purpose Statement Format

The following guides will help;

  1. Avoid physical terms
  2. Should include ‘in order to.’
  3. Contain at most 5-7 ideas.
  4. No conjunctions
  5. A single sentence.

Below is an example of how to write the purpose of study in research proposal

Quantitative Purpose Statement Examples

Quantitative purpose statements explore how numerical variables relate to one another.

The purpose statement defines the objective of the report, clarify the variables, and clearly outline where the research will be.


On sociology

This study has two aims;

(a) to study the possible predicting abilities of socioeconomic status, every pupil’s expenditures, highly qualified teachers’ percentage and the rate of attendance for the attainment of on-time education in Nairobi county and

(b) to compare the private schools in Nairobi county with the public schools for every variable.


Not only does the statement of purpose break down what is going to be studied, but also the different variables examined. In this study, socioeconomic status, pupil expenditure, and attendance are the attributes recorded. They will also consider where the study will be.

Purpose Statement Vs. Thesis Statement

  1. A thesis statement is a sentence that makes an assertion about a topic and predicts how to develop the problem; however, a purpose statement announces the scope, purpose, and direction of the paper or document.it prepares the reader on what to expect in the report and the area of focus.
  2. A thesis statement makes a promise to the reader about the scope, purpose, and direction of the word document,on the other hand, a purpose statement makes a promise to the reader about the development of the argument. Still, it doesn’t preview the precise conclusions the writer has drawn.
  3. A thesis statement is generally near the end of the introduction; sometimes in a long paper, the thesis will be expressed in several sentences or the entire paragraph, whereas a purpose statement usually appears towards the end of the introduction, it is in several sentences or even the whole article.
  4. A thesis statement is focused and specific within the boundaries of the paper; on the other hand, a purpose statement is accurate enough to satisfy the requirements of the assignment.

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In conclusion, businesses need to have a purpose statement that ensures its continuity, attracts more customers and investors. For the research proposal,to ensure that you meet the core objective from the section of the purpose statement even before getting to understand what the project is itself.it is very important to know and understand how to write a purpose statement.

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