A Descriptive Essay on the Beauty of Nature

A Descriptive Essay on the Beauty of Nature

Knowing how to write a descriptive essay on the beauty of nature is a mandatory skill for every student. Nature is a crucial element of life for all beings depend on it. Therefore, it is not surprising that most educators will require their students to describe nature at some point in the study. The intent is to determine how these students relate to nature, not to mention the impacts felt over time. But just how do you write a descriptive essay on beauty of nature? Well, experts such as Myhomeworkwriters.com have you covered. Fortunately, it is easy and not very different from most other descriptive essays.

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A Descriptive Essay on the Beauty of Nature
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A Descriptive Essay on Beauty of Nature

When given descriptive essay topics to write about, students must explore and express their thoughts on the subject. Usually, the instructors want to know the feelings of different students on the subject matter. As such, these kinds of essays must be fully expressive. They should capture the perceptions, opinions, and descriptions of students on the subject matter. A good descriptive essay on the beauty of nature should have the components described below.

Components of a Good Descriptive Essay on Beauty of Nature

Every good descriptive essay on the beauty of nature has elements that make it stand out. You can write the beauty of nature essay in many ways as long as they have the following:

Must Capture Readers Attention

A descriptive essay on the beauty of nature is no different from other types of descriptive essays. Students must write in an interesting manner that will appeal to the audience. This may mean factoring in the preference of the readers. Write with the reader in mind, and you will capture their attention easily.

Picture It First

Before rushing to write a descriptive essay on the beauty of nature, take a few minutes to imagine how you want it to be. Everything you discuss should be vivid as the reader goes through it. This is what you expect from industry experts such as My Homework Writers pitch it as the best academic writing services. Targeting to express your emotions and feelings through your writing will capture the reader’s attention better.

Put Your Senses to Use

A great descriptive essay on the beauty of nature will evoke all your senses as you write. Consequently, it should do the same to the reader. When writing, make sure that you can feel every word in totality. The figurative details you mention come to life when all the senses are engaged.

Pick a Point of View

You can either go with the subjective or objective point of view. The nature of the essay you are writing determines whether it will be subjective or objective. Being purely objective when writing a descriptive essay is impossible. Consider minimizing subjectivity and introduce objective factors. Examples of objective aspects include size, color, shape, and distance, just to mention a few.

Descriptive Writing Patterns

The beauty of nature essay comes together beautifully based on the writing pattern. Writers are often not restricted. Unless the educator specifies the style and pattern to use, consider any of the following as appropriate.

Descriptive Pattern

Its main agenda is to describe something. The descriptive essay on the beauty of nature pattern offers a vivid description of something, location, or person. In certain instances, it can even be poetic.

Expository Pattern

As you write your descriptive essay on the beauty of nature, it is possible to choose the expository pattern. Here, students focus on writing correct and detailed information about something without expressing personal opinions. There is no room for opinions or new ideas. It is more of reporting what already exists and how it exists.

Persuasive Pattern

As the name suggests, readers expected some level of persuasion in writing. Writers focus on their ideas as well as biases. Consequently, there is a need to come up with enough justifications and reasons. This style works majorly in newspapers, letters, and advertisements.

Narrative Patterns

It is all about narration or telling a story. Writers will have to incorporate many characters and give detailed explanations of what happens to them. This form of writing covers a wide scope, including short stories, novels, and bios.

Tips on Writing a Descriptive Essay on Beauty of Nature

Once you understand the basics of a descriptive essay beauty, the next steps are to know how to write. This involves capturing elements that will make it easy for you to write it well. An excellent narrative essay about nature will have the following things:

Personal form

descriptive essay on beauty of nature

This means that you will be describing the beauty of nature from a personal point. All your views, perceptions, and thoughts on the subject will revolve around personal experiences. It is not surprising, therefore, that different writers will approach this differently. No descriptive essay on earth or nature will be similar because different people experience nature differently.

Capture the Reader’s Imagination

Different topics come up every time students need to write a descriptive essay on the beauty of nature. While this is expectation, the most crucial thing is to ensure that readers yearn to read more once they start. To achieve this, students should be as creative as possible. Work on capturing the imagination of the reader through your descriptions. The best students will write out detailed descriptions of their experiences in the wild so that the reader can vividly picture and feel it.

Brainstorm and Observe

Don’t rush to write your essay. Instead, focus on noting the most captivating things you observe around you. In case you were in the wild, say in a forest or mountain, note the things worth following on.

Choose your Words Carefully

When deciding the words to use, make sure that they are specific to the topic. Paint a clear picture of what you intend to describe. This will hook the reader right away and push them to read the essay through to the end.

Be Sensitive as you Write

A good descriptive essay on the beauty of nature engages all the human senses. Let the reader feel things. For example, he or she should be able to imagine how cold the mountains are. In the case of forest visit, let the reader picture the thick vegetation, and your struggles to get through such thickets. Your choice of words will come in handy at this point. Evoke emotions through your words.

Be Emotional and Describe your Feelings

One of the easiest ways to capture the attention of a reader is by being emotional. Readers will connect with your emotions and probably identify with most of them. Describe how scared you were. In addition to this, let them know how you felt during and after the life-changing experience with nature.

Stay Focused and Organized

It is easy to get distracted when writing a descriptive paper. Be careful not to do this as it will interfere with the flow of the article. Organize your thoughts well.

Top Examples of Descriptive Essay on Beauty and Nature

As previously mentioned, a descriptive essay on nature can be as diverse as possible. Different writers will pick different topics that speak to them the most. Below are some of the most popular examples of the subject.

Descriptive Essay Example about a Place

When an instructor gives a topic on descriptive essays on nature, the chances are that many students will go back to the places they visited. Well, if this is your topic of choice, then you may want to consider the following:

Choose the right topic.

Choosing to write about a place means that you can describe anything that is a favorite go-to place for you. This can be anything from a favorite outdoor destination to an imaginary place that only exists in your mind. Your descriptive essay on the beauty of nature topic should be written in a meaningful way. The topic sets the precedence of how the content in the entire body of the article will be.

Create a statement

This process is important in all descriptive essays. The statement helps give the readers an idea of what your main point is. It captures the most prominent idea of the entire article. Usually, the statement sets out the essay’s purpose and regulates all conveyed information. You may look at it as an introduction forming the essay’s overall framework.

Make sure the senses are correct

descriptive essay on beauty of nature
The best descriptive essay on the beauty of nature captures all the natural senses. You may have to create a five-column chart capturing all these senses. This list will serve as a roadmap for all your thoughts. Write down your thoughts concerning sight, smell, touch, sound, taste, and smell. With this, you can begin filling in the details of each sense related to the topic. It should be supportive of the thesis statement you created above.

Most writers use metaphors, personification, similes, and other forms of descriptive adjectives to capture sense. Such phrases make a descriptive essay on the beauty of nature more captivating. Use the information in these columns to fill out the paragraphs in your essay. Ensure that they relate to the topic and thesis.

Creating the Outline

Once you are sure about the details that will go into the content, your next move is to come up with an outline. The outline assists in the organization of the content of your descriptive essay on the beauty of nature. It has to occur chronologically. Depending on the length you have been asked to write, you need to space out the article. Focus on keeping the structure simple and flowing. Paragraphs must make sense and have an easy transition from one to the next. Follow the structure provided by the tutor if there is one. Otherwise, you are free to do what you prefer as long as it flows logically

Conclude Powerfully

Similar to the introduction, the conclusion of the descriptive essay on the beauty of nature must be powerful. Sometimes, readers just check out your introduction and conclusions to get a feel of your content. The conclusion should be a rough summary of what you have written in the text.

descriptive essay on beauty of nature

It should capture the thesis statement, and allude to the conclusions made. Be careful not to recap everything, though. Most importantly, the conclusion should be a reaffirmation of your take or thesis statement. They must agree and not conflict.

Reviewing the Essay

The best descriptive essay on wild beauty or nature is one that is free of errors. No matter how good you are, a few grammar and spelling errors can mess up your entire article. Always proofread your work. Use the necessary tools to check that your grammar and spelling are on point. Step back from your work and come once rested and fresh. Give the essay another read to see if you missed anything. Having a second pair of eyes is helpful when polishing all details before submission.

Look at the text from the reader’s perspective. Does it answer the thesis statement? Is your entire article about the chosen topic? If you are satisfied with the answers you provide, then the article is almost good to go. Read the essay one more time, loudly this time. Get all the clarity you can before handing it in.


Confirm that you have adhered to all the specifications. If there were special instructions, make sure that you have followed them correctly. Hand in your paper in a good time too.

Descriptive Essay about Love

When asked to write a descriptive essay about the world, you could choose to focus on love. Love is a naturally occurring phenomenon in the world. It makes a great subject for the descriptive essay on the beauty of nature. Capture the relation of love to the world and nature in general. Your focus should be on how love plays out in nature. Consider the tips below when writing on such a topic.

Give the Definition of Love in Nature

The description of your definition should be related to the main topic, which is nature. Find a way of seamlessly bringing the idea of love into nature. Capture the essence of love in its natural form when getting started. In addition to that, keep your definition as personalized as possible. Remember that a descriptive essay is all about opinions and convictions. Describe love in most individual terms possible. Draw examples from nature, if you must, to show the connection between emotion and nature. Your mind can wander off at this point as long as you capture the details and convince your thesis reader. He or she should have an idea of what your take is after reading your introduction.

Analysis of the Definition

This topic may need a bit more clarification to piece things together. Consider breaking down your definition is the consequent paragraphs just to give the essay some clarity. Leave the reader with no doubt about the choice you made. It is at this point that you cite examples in the real world, and properly explore the idea of love. For instance, you could describe how a bird cares for its young ones to capture natural love among animals. Basically, it depends on the direction you want your article to go. Such broad topics can be confusing unless you narrow them down.

Summary of the Main Points

This part of the descriptive essay on the beauty of nature will make the main body of your essay. Clearly summarize your take on each point. Your explanations at this point should cast out any doubts from before if any. What you will be doing in this section is cementing your take and opinions.

descriptive essay on beauty of nature

The reader should be convinced that you know your subject matter properly. Whether you are describing real-life experiences or imaginary ones, it has to be with some level of conviction. Sell your idea to the reader in an unforgettable manner.

Capture the Effect of Love

To conclude the descriptive essay on the beauty of nature, you need to express the impact of this love on you. Delve into the reasons why you chose the topic in the first place. Mention your inspiration for picking this particular topic over the others. Go into the details of the impacts of nature’s love in your life. You can also mention any transformational change that resulted from your experience with this kind of love.

Descriptive essay about Hiking

Adventurous individuals will certainly enjoy writing this topic. Like the unexpected beauty essay, writing about hiking offers unlimited possibilities. If you are an outdoor person who enjoys these kinds of activities, then describing a hiking experience will be easy. As a descriptive essay, your write up should capture all the steps mentioned above. The thesis should be clear and follow up paragraphs, build the story in a logical structure. Focus on the emotions that will keep the reader hooked on your journey in the woods or mountains. Use a lot of descriptive adjectives to capture real events. A well-written hiking experience can be the best descriptive essay on the beauty of nature.

The Bottom Line

A descriptive essay on the beauty of nature is no different from other descriptive essays. Make sure you go all out when explaining your opinions. Depending on the topic variation you choose, always have in mind that the end is to capture nature through the lenses of your experience or imagination.

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