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691 wk1 db1 res | Business & Finance homework help
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Being a leader is a huge responsibility that is filled with difficult decision and complex issues that require attention, direction and critical thought. Based on the Adams 2012 article, I think that the 10th tough truth, regarding communication, is one of the most important skills and truths for a leader to understand. Clear, concise and appropriate communication will help the leaders staff to see the big picture, understand direction and the benefits of a decision. In addition, leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of the message being delivered and the most appropriate communication vehicle to deliver it. Choosing to send complex direction or change via an email, without face to face communication, is a common leadership mistake and  can have many untended and negative consequences down the road.

Secondly, the bonus point made by Adams is something that leaders need to have a solid understanding of too. According to Adams (2012), “Great leaders have a life. They realize their jobs aren’t the center of the world. In other words, they keep perspective on what they do” (para. 14). Work life balance is important to the mental health and well being of every employee; this applies to leaders as well. Leaders need time away from work to create the opportunity to recharge their batteries, entertain new perspectives and outlooks on business and life.  Many of the experiences we have outside of the office influence the decisions that make inside of it. Taking time away from work helps a leader to appreciate the work they are doing and who they are doing it with.

Leaders can help to control their emotions by having someone to talk to fore the purposes of using them as a sounding board or for the purposes of venting. This group or individual should not be someone that reports to them and can be someone that at the same level as them within the organization. In addition, controlling emotions takes time to process the scenario and make a logical and educated decision rather than acting in the heat of moment.

Being relentless in the pursuit of your goals is something that should that each leader should strive to do. Understanding where you want to be and working to get there can help to keep a person motivated and focused.  I dont think that a good leader ever gives up on his or her goals. They may try and fail but they would then re-design or re-evaluate their approach and try again differently. 


Adams, S. (2012, October 4). 10 tough truths about leadership . Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2012/10/04/10-tough-truths-about-leadership/

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In my opinion I think truth # 10 is the most important for leaders to understand. Truth 10 “Great leaders insist on excellent, pristine communication”- I have worked under leaders that understood this and it was easier as an employee to understand and respect that leader than it is for one who does not communicate clearly nor makes it a priority for their employees. Emotional intelligence can be tricky in the work place, it is often hard for a leader to help control their own emotions much less those of people under them. Leaders can train their people to know the time and place for emotions there are also workshops on work behavior that could be integrated in training and new hiring process and last be able to control their own as Maloney did in the example. I think it is appropriate to give up on a goal or re work the goal when it becomes evident that there are issues around reaching said goal. There are also times when staff lets a leader know the goal is unreachable- a goal of our HR office is every county employee new and old must use the new computer systems with little to no help. When you elderly employees who have never had computer training it is unreasonable to expect them to start without any.


Adams, S. (2012, October 4). 10 tough truths about leadership . Forbes. Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2012/10/04/10-tough-truths-about-leadership/

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