5pg- employment law | Human Resource Management homework help

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5pg- employment law | Human Resource Management homework help
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Aimtodevelopyourabilityto criticallyanalyzecontemporarynews articlesthatrelatetoemploymentlaw.



5 Page Paper (not including introduction or citation)






Newspaperarticle withlink SummaryofNewspaperarticle Analysis1



RelevancetoEmployment Law


1.Newspaperarticle withlink:Selectanewspaperarticle(NewYorkTimes, WashingtonPost,WallStreetJournal, orotherappropriatequalityjournalism cite)whichaddressesacurrentEmploymentLawtopic.Youshouldselecta newsarticleandnotan”opinionpiece.Thearticleshouldfocusonanissue relatedto employment law. Forexample:AnArticlethatdiscussesOSHA,Unions,EmployeePrivacy, Discrimination,etc.


2.  Summaryofthearticle:Identifythesourceofthearticleanddateinyour summary.Inaddition,youmustattachthearticle orprovidealinktoit. Theheadingforyourpostshouldcontainashorttitle thatwillenticethereadertoreadyourarticle.Donotsimply”copy”large portionsofthearticle.  Thewritingskillofsummarizingthemostimportant aspectsofthearticle willbeevaluated.


3.  Analysis1: Identifyanddescribe/explainalegalissueanditsrelationshipto

the contextofproperHRmanagement[mustprovidespecificlegalauthoritywith footnote].InthecontextofHRmanagementdiscusshowHRmanagementshould handletheissuein house.


4.Analysis2: Providethree(3)substantialsuggestionswithdetailedexplanation onhowto dealwithorpreventtheissueyouhavediscussed,basedoncourse readingsor independentresearch.Mustfurnishcitationofauthorityto backup comments.


5.  Relevancetothecourse:Discusshowtheevent/case/issueis relevanttoemployment law issues.Bespecific.

Your submission should rely on 4-5 sources to support your arguments and theories.



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