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Purpose, Structure, & Function of Education in a Democracy


1. What is your philosophy of education (perennialism/ Essentialism/ Progressivism/ Existentialism/ social reconstructivism)? cite the relevant philosophers and ideas discussed in your text and/or examined in class. how will your philosophical perspective impact your teaching style? how will your teaching placement modify your philosophy? how do your personal personal values political proclivities, class consciousness, racial perspectives, and historical insights influence your outlook? why is it important to have a philosophy of education?


structure/ organization

* Double-spaced, word processed, 1-inch margins, 12-point font.

* conventions : Spelling, usage, paragraphing, and sentence structure.

* Length/format : Appropriate to question ( 5 pages )

* completeness : Thorough discussion (‘ compact crystallization”)

* The writing should be scholarly, but natural, unforced, and shot through with wit, passion, delight, and/ or intrigue.

* there should be an engaging ” sound” to the writing, a contrast in sentence length and cadence. It doesn’t plod; it has lilt. Thus, “write for the ear.”

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