4 pages essay / social health

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4 pages essay / social health
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4 pages – double spaced – with in-depth analysis and exploration

Drawing on Chapters 8 and 9 in Weitz‘s book, compare and contrast the health care system in the United States with the system in one other country. Do a thorough comparison and discuss what appeals to you and what does not appeal to you (pros and cons) about each system. You may note some of the changes made by the U. S. Health Reform Bill as you explore the U. S. health care system, but please pay special attention to the comparison between how the U. S. and another country offer health care.


Support your ideas by examples and quotes from your online resources as well as from the required materials. Papers that do not make in-depth connections to all required materials (the reading, podcast and video clip) will not receive full credit.



 review at least two articles from the New York Times Series on U. S. Health Care Reform, watch formerPresident Obama‘s speech on Health Care reform (the 4 minute version), and read Health Reform Summary and 2017 Plans to Repeal and Replace The Affordable Care Act.



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