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Write 150 word response to the discussion pot below. What did you find interesting? What can you add to their discussion? Explain


In this chapter we’re learning about the important role the psychotherapy had through time and those who contributed to develop these new techniques professional in that field like John Watson (1878 – 1958), Burrhus Frederick Skinner (1904 – 1990) or Joseph Wolpe (1915 – 1998) they were some of the big contributors, so our authorities and professionals in that field can develop techniques to provide the proper treatment and counseling for those in need of help, because they have some psychological problem, I think that all can be resume in accepting and learning that inmates have rights also that need to be respect it and whether we like it or not they deserve a fair trial for any crime they had committed and in case were having psychological problems is real and assure by our authorities and have irrefutable evidence which demonstrate that condition and is not false or trying to be use to received a lesser punishment for what they did, then they might deserve to be send to an institution that can offer them th proper treatment for their condition and try to be rehabilitated there, instead of going to a penitentiary, I think that at the end, by doing this it would be a way of having a more fair and equal system for all of us as a society in which we all have the same opportunities and by that have the best environment as possible.

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