250 word essay with text references apa format

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250 word essay with text references apa format
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For this discussion, find a couple of sources that explain cultural differences.  These can be internet websites (this is on time you can use sources such as Wikipedia or other websites).  Give an overview of several of the cultural differences you find (different from your own).  Then, discuss how these differences may post a challenge for you as you counseling clients of different races, cultures, or other areas of diversity.  Include in your discussion some personal struggles you might see, or things you would need to pay particular attention to as you seek to communicate with diverse people in helping relationships.  A key to this discussion is to practice good self-assessment as well as and understanding of cultural diversity.  

Be sure to identify and cite your sources in APA format in your discussion (and include the full reference at the bottom).  

Be sure to reply to AT LEAST two other students in a respectful and helpful manner, using proper netiquette.  Be sure your reply does more than say “good job.”  Discuss the actual issues and content, or the replies will receive little to no credit.  

Feel free to discuss more than the minimum, and check back in the discussion board often to continue the discussion.

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