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2 part assignment | Business & Finance homework help
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This is a two part assignment.

Part 1:

The assignment is to create a 12 page multiple source essay deconstructing a peer-reviewed journal article. The article should rely upon an established theory or concept within Mergers and Acquisitions; AND it should cover the common takeover tactics employed as part of an overall bidding strategy, the motivation behind such tactics, and the defenses used by target firms to deter or delay such tactics. The objective is to deconstruct the framework of an article and analyze it.


You must state the problem listed in the article, list if the problem is able to be resolved, list if the framework fails to resolve the problem, agree or disagree on findings, historical events, or other aspects of the problem. Converge or diverge concerning assumptions, concepts, and other important elements. Offer differing perspectives or worldviews regarding the problem. If there are weaknesses in the article highlight them, clearly articulate the weakness using a few simple statements illustrating how the weakness appears within the framework and how it fails to address or supports the existence of the problem. 

The analysis requires the additional components:

•           Three APA formatted short quotes used to support the paper.

•           Two APA formatted figures representing the initial and revised framework


Need an introductory paragraph, paragraph explaining the utility and appropriateness of deconstruction while seeking a solution to the problem. •Several pages dedicated to explaining the framework’s components and their interactions as a constructed system.  This portion should also discuss how the framework facilitates a solution to the problem. •Several pages dedicated to the deconstruction of the framework exposing the weakness.  This portion should also discuss how the framework, with its weakness, enables, amplifies, or supports the problem. And a segment dedicated to a single modification of the framework transforming it into a more effective framework for tackling the problem.



Part 2: An example of the format is attached as well! 

Is an outline of the essay. It MUST follow the format.



a.       Problem

b.      Theoretical Dimensions

a.       Title

b.      Author

c.       Claim

d.      Causes

c.       Thesis


Evaluation of Approach and Structure

d.      Variables




e.       Limitations




f.       Strengths




g.       Conclusion & Recommendations

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