1. please read the textbook section on tropical storms and tropical

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1. please read the textbook section on tropical storms and tropical
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1. Please read the textbook section on tropical storms and tropical cyclones. Pages 157-162.

2. You are given the Tropical cyclone data for the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. The data are arranged in columns and reading from the left: order of observation, latitude in degrees north, longitude in degrees west, time the observation was made, wind speed, pressure at the center of the storm system. You are also given a Chart/Map of the Atlantic region. Using the latitude/longitude coordinates, plot the storm tracks on the chart. Vary the color of the track to indicate the changing intensity of the storm. Label the start and end of each track and include the name of the storm.

3. Answer the following questions based on the textbook and your plot.

(1). What are the 4 general atmospheric conditions necessary for the formation of a hurricane?

(2). Based on the plot, which storm was the most intense? How did you judge this?

(3). Which storms made landfall? In which U.S. states or countries did the landfall occur? Which U.S. state had the most landfalls based on the data?

(4). Among the storms that made landfall, which one had the longest track over land? Which states were hit by that storm?

(5). Which regions (land and ocean) appear most vulnerable to tropical storms in 2005 based on your plot?

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